Refer A Friend

It’s an old saying that the best advertising is word-of-mouth.

We also found it very true. We are always happy to get a new client who was referred to us by a friend. This let us know that we achieved our purpose and gave a very good service.

In order to promote word-of-mouth even more and to reward those who help us reach more people and spread the word about Mentzer Repairs, we implement a refer-a-friend game.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you tell your friend, collegue, etc about us please let us know the name of the person you referred. We won’t solicit or contact this person in any way, the name is strictly used to keep track of referrals.
  • When your friend is serviced by us the first time we connect up his name with yours and you will receive a check with your referral reward. To be eligible for this your friend would need to have at least one hour of service from us. And here are the details:
    • For on-site service referrals you’ll get $25
    • For someone who brings in a computer with a virus you get $10.
    • If the new client is a business with more than 4 computers you get $50. The eligibility for this one is at least 2 hours of service.